Simply put, ASCnet can best be summarized as "users helping users."
In the mid 1980's, a small group of insurance agents got together on a rather informal basis because they had one thing in common -- they were all automating their offices with Applied Systems' The Agency Manager. It was a time when our whole way of doing business, running an office, and communicating with one another was undergoing a dramatic technological revolution. The biggest comfort was in knowing that others were just as confused and frustrated as they were and that there was some strength in numbers when approaching the vendor with their common needs and concerns.

The first user group was formed in Wisconsin, and as Applied Systems grew as a company, it wasn't long before users banded together in other states and formally incorporated on the national level.

Now an international association, ASCnetís membership ranks have swelled to close to 5,000 members representing over 110,000 users of Applied Systems' software. The ASCnet family extends across the North American continent to Canada and across the seas to Jamaica, the Bahamas, Guam, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Scotland and the United Kingdom. ASCnet members encompass every position in the agency: from principal and producers, to CSRs and network administrators, everyone can benefit from ASCnet.

What makes ASCnet different from many other user groups is that membership is voluntary -- users make a conscious, independent decision on whether or not they want to belong and support the work of the association through dues dollars.

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